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Listen to the entire conference for free in Podcast “Pivoting on an inbound marketing strategy in B2B. Digitaleo did it” led by Sébastien Briot, Digital Marketing Director and Jocelyn Denis, CEO of Digitaleo Conference on Digitaleo’s experience on inbound marketing at IMF19 Since 2015, Digitaleo has completely redesigned its acquisition strategy by focusing on inbound marketing . From 3:20 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Carré room 2, Jocelyn Denis and Sébastien Briot , the two masterminds of Digitaleo’s marketing strategy, discussed this experience. On the program: sharing of good and bad practices, report on the difficulties encountered, report

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On the tools deployed and assessment of the results. Read a summary of Digitaleo’s feedback or Listen to the conference for free “The speech-dating of marketing automation” with representatives of Plezi, Webmecanik and Hubspot Conference on marketing automation at Ivory Coast Phone Number List IMF19 Marketing automation platforms are essential tools in the implementation of an inbound marketing strategy. The representatives of the major players in the French market, Hubspot , Plezi and Webmecanik , were all accompanied by a customer in the Carré room 2 after the lunch break (2 p.m. to 3 p.m.) to explain what they are used for and above all how to use them effectively in order to improve its ROI. The participants in this conference: Charles Dolisy , Co-founder of Plezi Alexandra Lambrechts , Communications and Marketing Manager Stéphane Couleaud , President of Webmecanik Jacques-Henri Martinez , MondialRelay e-commerce manager Jules Perignon , Senior Sales Manager of Hubspot Stephanie Bouchet.

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Founder of RougeFrog Read the summary article. Of the conference or Listen for free to the entire exchange in Podcast .“Once upon a time there was inbound marketing” with 3 inbound marketing IG Users experts (Stephane Truphème, Gabriel Szapiro and Michel Brébion). Once upon a time inbound marketing podcast Major current trend. More and more B2B companies are implementing an inbound marketing strategy . But why this enthusiasm around this methodology? What are the founding tools of this strategy? What prerequisites does it require to obtain optimum results? From 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. in room 6, 3 inbound marketing experts will explain the fundamentals of. This strategy and give you the keys to the success of this methodology. Read the article that summarizes this exchange or .Listen to the podcast to learn. The secrets of inbound marketing “Welcome to the Age of Assistance.

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