What adds Through the blockchain it is possible to allow consumers to download a virtual “curriculum.” Of the product , allowing them to know who produc the shoes they have just purchas. If a car has actually cover the declar km, if the chicken that is about to to eat comes from. A farm that reflects standards of ethics and safety which we recommend learning more about. Internet of Food A very important sector in this area in which technology could be appli. To guarantee product safety is the agrifood sector. Where it is important to know the origin of a product and the methods with which it was produc. From another point of view, the blockchain will also guarantee more effective tracking of shipments.

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The exact location of the package by integrating the IoT within it, as Maersk intends to do. The advantages will also be had between suppliers and distributors. Who will be interconnect thanks to the blockchain on a system bas on trust. This is enabl by Provenance which, by attaching seo expater bangladesh ltd a unique digital token. To each product, guarantees all parties involv from the grower, to the designer, to the manufacturer. Connect and customers, on the other hand, will be able to trace each step on the blockchain via the site web or the Provenance application.

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Which can also be us as ecommerce by each party in the supply chain. Thanks to blockchain it will be possible to provide more transparency production process. From its design to its arrival in their hands and eliminate friction between the actors in the supply chain. Improv brand image The blockchain IG Users will also have effects on the image of the company. Which will acquire an innovative connotation just by using the name in the characteristics of its products or services. If you are skill in analyzing the data contain in the technology’s decentraliz database, the system can be relevant to formulate various marketing strategies aim at improving your brand image.