Gain an advantage  The Top keywords in the overall group of expressions for which it is visible. This situation will impact worse traffic estimates that this site can generate. The highest percentage of keywords in positions to – % has the highest result among the competition. However, these are positions on the second page of search engine results, which have a much lower conversion rate. The site, therefore, must work on the keywords in the current. Positions from th to th, in order to reach higher positions. . What else should be analyz a.

Get to know your

Competitors’ business At the beginning, it is seo expate bd worth analyzing your competition’s business to better understand what you are dealing with. Some useful questions to answer: Is it your direct commercial competitor? Is it a great brand with strong brand awareness? How long has it been on the market? What is our advantage over a competitor? These few factors will influence the understanding of your competitor and their position in search results. If we were a new online store with a limit number of products, the answers to these questions would help us plan our strategy for the future.

seo expate bd

Content Well-develop content

On a website could be the answer to the IG Users question of why some websites rank higher in search results. A website with many subpages containing lots of SEO optimiz content will be reward by search engines with higher positions. This is because a certain website responds to a lot of user searches and builds your authority on a certain topic. By looking at how broad your competitor’s content is, you can duce which audience it is creat for, how it is creat, whether it is optimiz in terms of SEO principles, whether they are available to comment, and most importantly.