How can Through access to all the information contain on the blockchain connect to the supply chain. Companies can develop omnichannel strategies or make the guarantee of traceability. One of the company’s distinctive elements. As a fairly recent example there is trueid , an Italian partner company of ours. That has focus on blockchain technology and has collaborate with Alessandro Gerardo, developing MTM Shirt. By inserting special safe and wash resistant tags on the product, these were then connect to. Alessandro Gherardi ‘s “Su Misura” application for one-to-one involvement between company and customer.

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The goal is to create a dynamic marketing strategy , both by providing customer service. In the form of a chatbot and by inviting owners of the specific item of clothing to. Alessandro’s events, also to offer them special offers. For the company, the advantage lies in receiving realtime analyzes. Of the data deriving from each of the customers who are wearing. That tshirt to set temporal web designs and development service and circumstantial price offers that aim to increase turnover. The challenge is to collect as much data as possible to carry out increasingly accurate. Brand and marketing strategies through the use of blockchain. Faster transfer of ownership of goods.

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The transfer of ownership of always requires a long and cumbersome process thanks to the blockchain. It of verifying the identities involv without the intervention of third parties acting as intermiaries. The change of ownership also involves the change of data of the people. Who have the right to use and possess that asset and this can be simply verifi and monitor in total safety. The IG Users luxury goods industry is already embracing the technology through. Everlger, a London as company that has plac more than a billion and a half diamonds on a blockchain. The records list on the system include the color, carat and certificate number of the diamonds.