Train Sales To Differentiate Your Company

Marketing must arm sales teams with content throughout the customer journey. Provide your sales team with ongoing training about your products, services and the industry at large. Ensure that your team has a current set of nurturing content that provides value to prospects: videos, e-books, pdfs, etc. The more information and tools your sales team has, the better they’ll be able to differentiate your company from the competition and close the loop. – bernard may, national positions


Sales teams need to be able to connect with leads based on pain points and/or opportunities. Having incredible content that shows that you are a company that cares and understands the day-to-day challenges of your customers will go a long way when establishing and nurturing relationships. – kathleen lucente, red fan communications.

Keep your base and your team updated

Part of the most important outreach you can do is to connect with your base. They need to be informed as to what you are bringing to. The table as well as with the most recent updates to your products. And your services. You need to think about how you are going to improve your team. As well by sharing more presentations and things like newsletters. – jon james, ignited results.


In my experience, the best way to close phone lists free a sale is to write a proposal that is head and shoulders above the competition—in-depth, comprehensive and personalized to the prospect. At that point, there is really no contest with any competitor for the business. The prospect’s only choice is between hiring you or doing nothing. – jeff bradford, the bradford group.


Employ end-to-end reporting

Having strong metrics in place between marketing channels and customer relationship management will help provide sales with a better understanding IG Users of the intent of the leads. Marketing will get a better understanding of what the best leads and opportunities are for the sales department. Bringing sales and marketing data together is the best way to close the loop. – dan golden, be found online

13. Understand what drives your customer

It is critical to customize your persistence to the sales lead. Taking the time to research and understand what drives the customer or client is an important part of making that connectivity. Putting in the extra effort before the sale demonstrates your dedication to the prospect—and don’t stop! Continue to build that relationship through consistent, personalized follow-up.

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