Having a better understanding of why people post negative reviews can hopefully help your business mitigate them in the future. The good news is that only 23% of people post negative reviews for vengeance. So while it may seem like you are coming under attack, its likely not personal. As mentioned previously, 70% of people who complain are hoping for a response. Most people just want to be heard. Take a negative review as an opportunity make things right.

The top three reasons for negative reviews in the travel and hospitality business sector are mostly avoidable or at the least fixable.

Rude or unhelpful staff- this is the number one reason for negative reviews across most industries, but is heightened in the hospitality sector.

Make sure your claims and photos set realistic expectations

The experiences your customers will enjoy. People don’t like feeling duped. If you promise more than you can deliver, you can expect people to take their disappointment online.

Negative review replypoor handling of situations- sometimes the unexpected happens. How you and your staff respond to situations has a role in the telephone number list satisfaction of your guests. Challenge your team to go beyond in customer service. Remember, the compensation does not need to be financial. Offer the unexpected. Pleasant surprises are memorable and can turn a poor interaction into an opportunity for a positive review.

Traveling forward
Negative reviews are inevitable. How your business responds and improves from a negative review is where you have the chance to turn it around and make it a positive experience. Negative reviews are just one aspect of the review landscape, and focusing on gaining more positive reviews should also be a focus for your business. It will take five 5-star reviews to offset the ranking of one 1-star review. Here a few things you can do to encourage customers to leave positive reviews.

Create incentives sometimes people just need that extra push

Therefore,  to make them want to take the time to write a review. This incentive can be something as simple as a coupon code, contest entry, or small prize. Be sure to encourage honest reviews to truly get the best value. I recently stayed at an IG Users airbnb and was sent this email after my stay. The incentive in this case is simple, if I want to see how my host reviewed me, I also have to submit my own review.
Review incentive.

Therefore, Ask open questions- avoid asking for the review outright. Instead ask questions that gauge the level of satisfaction with your products or services. “how did you enjoy your stay?” is a great way to judge initial satisfaction levels. Therefore, and can avoid the awkward mistake of encouraging a negative public review. After a recent shopping trip to target, where I used my cartwheel to checkout, I was sent this email. A rating scale can be a great gauge of satisfaction levels and can lead to a more honest review of your customer’s experiences.