This editorial strategy is accompanied

Blog Digitaleo, relationship marketing specialist Also, through focus on good practices such as “The importance of saying goodbye to customers who unsubscribe”, testimonials and business tips, Digitaleo attracts potential prospects. Thanks to thank you pages ( thank you pages following the download ) optimized with other content to discover, Digitaleo improves its conversion rate . This editorial strategy is accompanied by intelligent promotion on social networks and the use of Hubspot, a marketing automation platform. Present at IMF 2019, Jocelyn Denis (CEO) and Sébastien Briot (CMO), will talk about.

The difficulties encountered and the results

The implementation of their Inbound Marketing strategy during their conference. Pivoting on an inbound Romania Phone Number List marketing strategy in B2b. Digitaleo did it. » They will discuss the internal organizational change, the difficulties encountered and the results obtained since this change of strategy. There is still time to register on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at Inbound Marketing France, in Rennes, to come and discover examples of concrete inbound marketing strategies !When the organizers of the Inbound Marketing France event asked me to write an article to promote my book ” Social Selling explained to my Boss.

It is beautiful  full of colors and figures

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I looked at my blank sheet for a long time, wondering how to tell this adventure without arrogant self-promotion. And IG Users then I remembered this wonderful article by Christophe Faurie about our book. It describes the spirit of what we wanted to convey wonderfully well. I let you discover this text, fair, full of humor from a reader who was seduced: “How to use social networks to sell what your company produces? This is the subject of this book. It is beautiful, full of colors and figures. Too good to be honest? Are we going to be told that digital is the future of humanity, again? That the one who didn’t understand it is a dinosaur condemned by Darwin.

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