Looking for the “right” salesperson to assign is a waste of time. What is a “good” salesperson? Who works next door? The one we met three months ago? The one who made the best figure of 2018? When distributing leads, it’s important to remember that an available salesperson is more suitable than a “good” salesperson. If there is one thing to remember to avoid death by snake, it is to take a step back from our processes and unfold them as a consumer. Companies such as Amazon or Spotify have accustomed consumers to getting answers quickly through bulletproof, multi-channel responsiveness .

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Forms are no longer enough, it’s time to innovate . Listen to Jon Dick’s conference in its entirety on the Inbound Marketing France Youtube channel Chapter 3: The Whale The death of business by the Nigeria Phone Number List whale is more visible than your nose in the middle of your face. It arises when we ignore our most powerful and loudest means of communication: the consumer ! Once he has passed the marketing and sales stages of the purchasing process, you must continue to communicate with him. This post-purchase communication, which we tend to neglect, is nevertheless the fourth phase of the inbound strategy.

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Also read Discover the inbound marketing methodology It is by communicating with our customers and building their loyalty IG Users that we make them ambassadors. Consumers no longer trust companies, they trust family and friends. Word of mouth and customer reviews should not be underestimated . In B2B, approximately 57% of prospects have already made their decision before even contacting the company with which they wish to sign. To sum up, we kill our business because we don’t listen and we don’t want to believe in change, because we ignore the customer journey in order to better serve our own interests or when we don’t listen at the right door.