This is even more crucial in the tourism and travel industry, as people search for new things to do in unfamiliar cities. Vacations and experiences are intangible and produced and consumed at the same time, leading those to trust people who have gone through the experience, stayed at the hotel, or ate the food before them. Travelers trust online reviews in the same way that they would a personal recommendation.

Technology has transformed the way we travel, with endless information at our fingertips that has shaped the average joe into a well-informed traveler. User-generated content (like reviews, blogs, ect.) has skyrocketed and illustrates the importance of word of mouth in the tourism sectors. Here is the scope of ugc (user generated content) in the tourism industry.

Tripadvisor has over 702 million total reviews and opinions

Trivago has over 190 million hotel ratings.
Com has over 95 million guest reviews in 230 countries.
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So what can you do? Respond! The  telephone number list number one thing that can be done about a negative review is responding, whether the review is positive or negative. This seems like a no-brainer, but only about 32% of hotels respond to reviews and 70% of negative reviewers hope to receive a response.

Importance of customer service marketing land

There are four things to remember when responding to reviews.

T thank them. Whether positive or negative, it is always good to show appreciation to guests who took the time to write a review about your business.

Positive review reply

R respond promptly. Have a dedicated person(s) that monitors your business reputation and can promptly respond to reviews. This indicates a IG Users general care for your consumers’ experiences and can leave a lasting impression on them, as well as others looking at the review afterwards.

Aaddress complaints. Whether you find your business at fault for a negative review or not, you should address the complaints and give feedback that shows they are taken seriously by your business.

profession & polite. Keep your responses human and non-robotic, but keep it professional. How you respond to a negative review will be seen by many people to follow and leaves a lasting impression.