The experience lived by the customer

On the initiative of the supplier, in connection with events. That have appeared in the context of the supplier life of .The product or service marketed, such as sending the invoice. Relaunching an unpaid bill, etc. The formalization of the customer journey. Via a diagram facilitates the internal sharing of the customer vision. And makes it possible to act on the journey to optimize. The experience lived by the customer. But beyond the balance sheet, that is to say the “Photo” of the experience. Lived by the customer at the various points of contact. It is essential to optimize the customer journey. Even in b2b so that the customer-company. Relationship passes with maximum fluidity.

To have been done to ensure that everything

To avoid misunderstandings, waste of time. Sometimes it’s the little things (depending on the company) that can Latvia Phone Number List cause the customer annoyance, while for the company’s employees, everything seems to have been done to ensure that everything goes well. I can cite, for example, the renewal of annual licenses in some of our applications, which are the subject of messages, warnings, etc. All this alert system may seem sufficient and clear on the “company” side, but when the customer is blocked and can no longer use his software.

As much it is necessary to solve them quickly

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The perception is quite different, because he can no longer work. It’s a real moment of truth where the company has no room IG Users for error: you have to explain why it happens, what has already been done. but above all, quickly provide a solution. automation and customer service Because as much as a customer can accept that a company makes errors, as much it is necessary to solve them quickly and well! Hence the importance of fully understanding the client’s state of mind during moments of truth. Indeed, it is interesting to note the thoughts and emotions that agitate the client in the different stages of the journey.

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