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Inbound Marketing France is competing for the Grand Prix du Marketing B2B 2019 in the category “ Best event , allowing the creation and animation of ecosystems”. This candidacy is above all motivated by the desire to make known a formidable human adventure . The opportunity to salute the investment of the organizing teams and to look back on this incredible success story . Inbound Marketing France’s ambition: to share new B2B marketing and sales approaches In January 2017, Michel Brébion, founder of the Winbound agency , decided to transform his passion for inbound marketing into ambition for others .

This day will be an opportunity to deliver

He wants to help managers and marketing and sales departments to develop their businesses. His dream: that Rennes, in Brittany, becomes a global stronghold of inbound marketing ! This enthusiast Jordan Phone Number List is convinced: this new B2B methodology deserves an international event in France . This day will be an opportunity to deliver all the keys to digital in a pragmatic way : Conferences backed by practical cases, educational workshops, feedback, B2B meetings organized prior to the event, Speakers available outside of their interventions, Partner stands to discuss and make contact. The challenge is big. The Winbound agency specializing in digital strategy does not have an experienced event team. So how do you turn the dream into reality ? The recipe for success:

Inbound marketing France an inbound event

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A charismatic leader who brings together a close-knit team that is never lacking in desire or ideas ! Also read: Inbound IG Users marketing France, an inbound event in its philosophy! IMF19 In Rennes at the Couvent des Jacobins Inbound Marketing France: a human adventure that brings together Winbound and MV Group It’s decided: the first edition will take place on January 31, 2018. From then on, a young and versatile team united around this extraordinary project. with the help of the MV Group teams.. The team has no experience in organizing events. On the other hand, she is ultra-motivated by the desire to share her passion for inbound marketing . Everyone learns by doing. The challenges follow one another .

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