The company in the  you can also create video testimonials to enhance your results! Leverage traditional advertising media. While the real estate market has not been immune to the wave of digital transformation, some old-fashioned marketing tactics can still be effective real estate marketing strategies. Traditional media such as print ads and billboards often facilitate a realtor’s marketing efforts. Why this works: Traditional advertising allows agents to target specific geographic locations which makes it an ideal strategy for promoting local property listings.

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Use this strategy in conjunction with digital marketing to increase UK Mobile Database brand awareness. What we like: In today’s digital world snail mail and other traditional advertising mediums can help you stand out from your competitors. Research shows that consumers are more likely to take action on print ads than digital ads. Optimize your website for mobile devices. This holds true for all merchants who maintain a website and realtors are no exception. You want your web experience to be as seamless as possible. When potential customers want to learn more about your business, they don’t have to face a clunky desktop mobile website condensed on a mobile phone screen.

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Why this works: Mobile optimization ensures that potential IG Users customers can easily view and navigate their listings on any device. Google also prioritizes mobile-optimized sites because they load faster for potential users. Pro Tip: If building a new website, choose a template that has mobile optimization built in. Actively utilize social media profiles. Maintaining an active, attractive social media presence is one of the better ways to establish yourself as a trusted advisor. Join a local group and answer relevant questions that arise in the group. Then you can make similar progress on other platforms like and. You can also share useful content with your followers.