Progress against  the AI ​​follows the same pattern as it was trained on. Not Helpful % of the respondents felt that AI was difficult and not the right tool for them to achieve their desired goals. This is quite surprising since AI is booming and being used in many industries. It also clearly shows that AI still has room for improvement in terms of simplicity and accessibility. Industry Trends Information Outdated AI is undoubtedly revolutionizing the sales industry but most salespeople don’t think they should trust AI with their eyes closed. It is not uncommon for AI to often provide outdated information that still requires verification from different sources.

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Plus it doesn’t keep up with industry trends. The reason is South Africa phone numbers that AI tools such as AI are trained with year and year outdated data and therefore cannot provide up-to-date statistics. And access to live internet still doesn’t capture the latest information. Tips for Addressing AI Fears So how can sales leadership address the issues posed and facilitate the adoption of AI by revenue teams? Help your sales team understand the potential benefits of artificial intelligence. Be transparent whenever you implement AI technology and involve the sales team in the process.

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This will ensure sales teams are engaged and aware of the IG Users  potential benefits of AI.Explain the company’s goals and identify the right use cases for AI. Interaction approaches to consider: Sales leaders are uniquely positioned to embrace the efficiencies AI can bring. It reduces time spent doing research on a potential client’s business and its priorities. Why not host a sales hackathon and have the team use AI to optimize as many processes as possible? Leaders and reps will soon realize that AI is just one tool in the sales process, the founder said. Bonus tip.