Meeting of Maybrat District Government and JMC IT Consultant

Meeting of Maybrat  Within the scope of governance. One of the highest achievements of each regional head and his staff is the realization of good governance. With the achievement of good governance. The decision-making process and the implementation of every government agenda can always be account.

In the current digital era, technology has become the main trigger for intense competition between regions in realizing.

The concept of good governance through e-Government

Every agency in every region. Especially for Kuwait Mobile Database policy-making agencies, is competing to apply technology in the duties and functions they are responsible for.

Not long ago, JMC IT Consultant had. The opportunity to receive a visit from the Regent of Maybrat Regency, Bernard Sagrim. The meeting was attend by the Regent and Deputy Regent of Maybrat Regency and their staff. In addition, the Chairperson of the DPRD and several members of the Maybrat Regency DPRD were also present. The Regent of Maybrat Regency and his staff are aware that conventionally implement government processes reduce work efficiency and effectiveness in serving the community.


At the meeting, the JMC IT Consultant team gave a complete

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Explanation of JMC IT Consultant’s products and services. This presentation includes the benefits and advantages of JMC IT Consultant’s products and services.

The Regent of Maybrat Regency and his entourage IG Users were very enthusiastic in participating in the presentation given by the JMC IT Consultant team. In addition, the meeting participants did not hesitate to ask various questions to further deepen information regarding e-Government and its implementation. This makes the meeting run dynamically with interesting discussions.

It is an honor for JMC IT Consultant to get a visit from the Maybrat Regency Government. JMC IT Consultant is ready to go to Maybrat Regency or any area in Indonesia to assist the government in implementing e-Government for the realization of the concept of good governance.

Together with JMC IT Consultant, let’s build Indonesia through technology!

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