How To Deal With Negative Press In A Positive Way

There’s no denying facebook had a rough 2018—and a fair share of negative press to go along with it. How a business responds to negative press can tell potential clients. And investors, as well as the public at large, a lot about a company. Facebook’s responses to the critical news stories—and the public’s reaction. To facebook’s r€esponses— can serve as a learning. Experience for businesses and agencies.

So, what are the best steps for dealing with negative press? Eleven experts from forbes agency council share strategies for responding and correcting course for smoother sailing ahead.

Members of forbes agency council offer tips for responding to negative press.
Members of forbes agency council offer tips for responding to negative press.
Photos courtesy of the individual members.
1. Respond as a unified team.

Make sure you’ve done your research

know your facts and have spoken with everyone on your team before making any public response. You need to have turned over every proverbial rock and be on the same page with those involved across all levels and departments to ensure you’re presenting the right response and aren’t setting yourself up for more surprises. – whitney fishman, wavemaker

2. Stop the bleeding

Own up to the error—if it is warranted—and publicly lay out your plan of correction. The more you try to hide behind legalese or industry jargon, the phone lists worse the negative impact can be. The more responsive you are to negative press, the more trust you can build, which can help stop the bleeding of your brand’s reputation. – bernard may, national positions.

The most important thing is to be transparent with the press

Transparency goes a long way, especially IG Users when we have tools that give us access to the world. When you are not transparent, there will be a backlash that will result in not being trusted. – cagan sean yuksel, grafx co.

4. Be authentic

Don’t try to be something or someone else because you think it is what people want to hear or it worked for another organization. Your response should hold true to your brand and culture, or it will be rejected by those who know you and support you. When you respond with sincerity and humility, it is often received in the same way.

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