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Without forgetting practical cases and feedback. Rand Fishkin – IMF19 Unforgettable speakers! After Christian Kinnear (HubSpot), Cécile van Steenberge (Google) or Rand Fishkin (founder of Sparktoro), this 2020 edition will also welcome experts in their field! The opportunity to train with the big names in digital marketing . Wade Foster Wade Foster, CEO and Co-founder of Zapier, an automation tool for making connections between different web apps will be our guest of honor! Zapier is a well-known tool for web marketers, which simplifies daily life by automating tasks that you have been doing manually until now.

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But modernity is not only technological and also impacts team management. At Zapier, the 200 employees work remotely. 8 years after the creation of his company and the implementation of this way Cameroon Phone Number List of working, it is of this experience that Wade Foster will come to testify in Rennes, on January 28, 2020. He will present his vision of remote work to us and will deliver all the keys to success. Guy Mamou Mani Also not to be missed is the intervention of Guy Mamou Mani, Co-president of the Open group and president of Syntec Numerique . With his double hat, he seeks to develop the digital industry in France and more broadly to show that digital can solve societal problems.

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The digital apocalypse will not take place” During this third edition of Inbound Marketing France, he will have the opportunity to address these topics by leading IG Users a round table around the digitalization of companies and digital talents. Jonathan Chan Are you interested in the subject of influencers? Then Jonathan Chan’s conference will interest you! Because yes, even in BtoB, influencers have their role to play and you must integrate them into your marketing action plan. Digital project manager and community manager at iProspect, Jonathan Chan is an influencer himself! Member of the collective of B2B influencers: “La Brigade Du Web.

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