Propose a fluid and seamless customer journey , thanks to the analysis of the customer journey presented above. Free up time for internal teams to carry out tasks with higher added value , more focused on customer service. The objective is therefore to list the tasks that can be automated, and leave the complex or value-added tasks to the advisers. Personalize communications to customers . Just putting a first and last name in a letter is a first step. Personalization also means putting the name of the managers on the company side, in order to show that there is a person and that the company is not an army of shadows.

A first step towards quality of service

Communicate the right message , on the right channel , at the right time . Telephone and email are no longer the only channels, chat, chatbots, social media. have become channels to take into account in B2B. ‚ÄčSimplify Lithuania Phone Number List certain processes , in partiular that of contractualization, by opting for electronic signature and electronic archiving. Thus, setting up a 0 paper objective is already a first step towards quality of service. Involve all employees of all departments and do not take one or two departments to optimize the customer journey because it will not work. I repeat, the Customer Experience is everyone’s business, from the receptionist in the company lobby,

An employee who feels good about his job

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To the after-sales service advisor, including accounting. Set up support for employees to help them improve their skills and IG Users feel good about their work station through benevolence. Indeed, an employee who feels good about his job is an employee who will be less absent and therefore more diligent and therefore more productive for the company. We are in a win-win situation. An employee whose objective is to help customers (and therefore to whom the “why of the Customer Experience approach” will have been explained), and not to work “hours” or work will make all the difference. Otherwise, when there are fewer employees present.