Coordination of the Development of the Information System Automation of the Publication of DIY Speed

Coordination of the Development As is well known, the Privileges Law for the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) is a state acknowledgment of the existence and superiority of DIY. Law No. 13 of 2012 concerning the Privileges of DIY regulates 5 (five) aspects of the Privileges of DIY, which are rela to the mechanism for Filling the Positions of the Governor and Deputy Governor of DIY by stipulation in the DPRD, Institutional Affairs of the DIY Government, Land Affairs, Cultural Affairs and also Spatial Planning Affairs . The DIY government itself has prepar a general policy on Privileges, namely the 2017-2022 Privileges Strategy Planning Policy.

In the context of carrying out Land Affairs Privileges activities

The 2018 Fiscal Year, the DIY Local Kenya Mobile Database Government through the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office has establishland administration including Sultan Ground (SG), Pakualaman Ground (PAG) and Village Land as one of the priority activities.

In its implementation, to be able to realize these activities it is necessary to have data/information, regulatory materials, facilities and infrastructure aim at accelerating land utilization services in DIY. In accordance with the policies of the Kraton Ngayogja karta and the Duchy of Pakualaman, the general public is allow to utilize the above-lands by first obtaining a permit, in this case a button, from both the Kraton Ngayogyakarta and the Duchy of Pakualaman.

Not long ago, JMC IT Consultant conduct initial coordination with the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office regarding the procurement of the Kekancingan Publishing Automation Information System. This procurement is one of the steps for land administration which includes SG, PAG, and Village Land. The purpose of procuring the Information System for Automa Issuance of Public Information is to provide an information system that can integrate information on land, spatial planning, infrastructure and land transportation services.

The event took place at the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Service

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Attend by the Head of the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office, Agus.T.Junaedy along with several Section Heads of the DIY Land and Spatial IG Users Planning Service. On this occasion, JMC IT Consultant explain the project management mechanism and schedule timeline that had been mutually agre upon. In addition, JMC IT Consultant and the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office also held discussions to refine the technical requirements of the application.

With the start of the development of the Kekancingan Publishing Automation Information System, JMC IT Consultant hopes that coordination with the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office can continue to be carri out in order to realize optimal application results. Together with JMC IT Consultant, let’s build Indonesia through technology!

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