The following core areas of study include Computer Systems, Computer Applications, Software Engineering, and Theoretical Computer Science. The last two are mentioned as the most prospective.

Professions like Software Engineer will be seen coming from the Software Engineering major. Data Scientists will be seen as coming from the field of Theoretical Computer Science major.

The following two professions are said to be professions that are most needed in the big data era like today. Unfortunately, the availability of these two professions is still very rare in Indonesia.

Because the emergence of the following two professions

Other professions related to technology is Israel Mobile Database necessary because of human needs in the digital age. You yourself must already know how gadgets become an integral part of your life. Everything is controlled only in the palm of the hand.

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The following conditions will definitely be a separate opportunity for Computer Science graduates in the future.

However, the competition to enter the field of Computer Science at selected schools is relatively high. Here are some tips extracted from Norman, who has been around for about 20 years in this field so you can win.

1. Keep Sharpening Your Logic Skills

Mathematics, whose image has become a scourge for many people in the past, seems to have started to be abandoned. Because, mathematics can be very fun if it is taught correctly. This knowledge forms the basis of how you hone your logic skills.

Next, start coding studies, which are widely scattered throughout online places. There are paid and free classes that you can learn by yourself or become a member of the learning community.

2. Good at choosing the best school

The best schools are those with a complete curriculum

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Starting from the elementary level. So that you can study as a whole from the most fundamental.

What’s that? For example, it comes from analyzing the algorithm and data arrangement.

Make sure also to choose a school that is IG Users always innovating in its programs and staying up to date with the latest developments.

3. Changing the World Through Computer Science

Bill Gates, world pc expert used to say that there are two things that determine success. And it’s not just about the material.

If you are able to cause the people around you to start being happy and loved, then that is the first success. Second, if you are able to create and share benefits then influence positive change for your closest community and even the public.

Don’t Hesitate to Learn Something New
For those of you who are still unsure because you are starting to be unable to think logically mathematically as is required of most Computer Science experts, don’t hesitate to learn. Who knows, there may be hidden potential that you haven’t known about and haven’t honed optimally yet. Try to be optimistic, set your goals and create your opportunities from now on.