Turning the idea When recruiters screen applications, you want to do everything you can to stand out. The first step is to send a well thought out introductory email. Don’t write a novel but do write a friendly and professional hello note. In the example below I explain why I am sending the email, share a sentence explaining why I am a good fit for the position and provide more information upon request. It’s neat and adds a little extra sparkle to my app. Candidate for your name role hello name I am happy to share my resume and cover letter for my position role position at company name.

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I believe my industry background from my role at a previous company Belarus Mobile Database enables me to be successful in this position and I am pleased to submit my application. Please feel free to contact us if I can provide you with any further material to illustrate my suitability for this position. I appreciate your time. Greetings Your Name Send Now Sales Column Why This Template Works This template shows that the candidate is interested and excited about the position. They provide some background on why they are a good fit and keep the relationship open by providing additional material.

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How to introduce yourself to executives Getting a response IG Users from the CEO or executives can be difficult. But your introduction can make all the difference. There are a few things to keep in mind when crafting your email. Start by keeping your inquiries gentle and advice-oriented. Executives who are good with people usually like to help others. Open your email asking for information or advice rather than asking for a sale. Another great tip: Write them an email on your phone. Executives are busy and often check email on the go. Compose emails on the phone to ensure a good reading experience for them.