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Be profitable  create configuration files. With over 100 million monthly viewers, you can put your business in front of thousands of new potential customers. This resource from lists the steps for setting up your profile. Why this works: Your profile allows you to share your listings with a large audience and connect with potential customers increasing the likelihood of acquiring new buyers. What we like: Profiles are free and allow you to connect with a wider audience.

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Ask for referrals. Did you know that sellers who use a real estate Bahrain Mobile Database agent find their agent through a recommendation from a friend or family member? If you don’t ask for referrals then you should. Follow up with buyers a few months after they move into their new home to ask how they are doing and include a referral request in the email. Does the subject line feel like home? Hi Buyer Name I hope you are well settl in your beautiful home! You have chosen a great community to buy it from and I am happy to be able to help you through the process.

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I am very happy to work with you. If you have any friends or IG Users family members looking to buy. Or sell in the area I would love the opportunity to work with them. Next week I’m hosting a happy hour event to talk to people about the current market. Feel free to share this event link with anyone you think might be interest: Insert a link to the event page Greetings Your Name Some real estate agents will offer to plan a housewarming party for new homeowners and use the party guest list to meet potential buyers. Why this works: By simply asking the client if the agent knows someone in ne of real estate services.

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