Audit of Balikpapan City Government Network Security System

Audit of Balikpapan City  Community life cannot be separat from all forms of communication. In the current era of digitalization, the presence of technology has facilitat communication activities. However, it should be realiz that in the communication network there are gaps that can be misusby some parties to commit crimes, or commonly referr to as cyber crimes.

Crimes includin it are all forms of fraud

Data theft, pornography, and so on. For this Latvia Mobile Database reason, we ne a network security system that is useful to prevent the network from the dangers of crime.

Network security is a method or system that is usto provide protection to the network to avoid all forms of external threats that can damage the network. By protecting the network, it can anticipate risks in the form of physical and logical threats that can disrupt activities in the network.

Currently, cybercrime is increasing and has even receiv great attention from the government with more and more crime cases involving computer and communication networks.

Recognizing the importance of the network security system, the City Government of Balikpapan collaborat with JMC IT Consultant to hold a presentation on the results of network security audits and recommendations.

Taking place in the Meeting Room of the Balikpapan

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City Communication and Information Service (Diskominfo), the event took place on Wednesday (22/11/2017) attend by the leaders and staff of the Balikpapan City Diskominfo.

By carrying out a network security audit, JMC IT IG Users Consultant hopes that the information system ownby the Balikpapan City Government can be free from attacks by parties with malicious intent. By maintaining network security, it will prevent misuse of all important and personal data or information. Network security can also prevent unauthorizaccess that intends to change or retrieve information without the owner’s permission.

All important data should be savto other devices so that if one device experiences a problem, it can use another alternative copy. This will maintain the availability of information when the system is experiencing disturbances.

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