Women Career in the IT Field, Why Not?

Women Career  Women are God’s most sincere creatures on this earth. Maybe that’s the right expression we drop to the women out there. Women are generally forever limited in their careers, whether they are limited by their husbands or by their parents. For women who have expertise in a specific field but are dominated by men, of course, they feel insecure and pessimistic. For example, in the IT field.

IT which stands for Technology Science is knowledge which is the favorite knowledge of the adam. IT is a frightening specter for women, they are worried that they will lose in fighting with men. Although it’s not uncommon for women to show that they can work in the IT field. Technology actually can not be separated in this modern life. So it is imperative that we are friendly to technology. It doesn’t discriminate, for women who want to work in the IT world. Here are tips for women who like IT.


There are lots of companies working in the technology sector

That accept female programmers. Usually they Mexico Mobile Database not only look at skills, but also look at looks. The goal is just to give a different impression in the office. Where programmer jobs are dominated by men and you are just a woman alone. If treated well together in the company then that’s good.

But if you are not treated well as a woman then Women Career  the company will immediately see better suggestions. Apart from causing annoyance and discomfort, of course it annoys me as a woman. Try to find a company that respects gender equality and emphasizes results regardless of who does it. A worker deserves to be carried out as a worker.

If you want to be respected as a female programmer, then my advice is to improve your skills. If you actually have good skills as a programmer then don’t be surprised if a male programmer who has below skills will be shy of you. So you will be respected and considered as a colleague. Try to learn from people who are experts in the field of technology. Study with anyone. Of course if the skill is good it will help for a raise.

A career in technology is actually not easy. Sometimes

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There are mistakes that we make to produce a blunder. For example, while in the middle of coding, an error suddenly occurs. Surely you will feel bored, bored, and too IG Users annoyed. Calm down, try one more time while looking for where the error lies. Show that you can take on male-dominated programmers.

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If you are experiencing difficulties at work, then the advice you can try is to find an IT community and join the community. Apart from friendship between programmers, it is possible to find a female programmer friend as well. Apart from helping with work, maybe you can also share your knowledge in the community. Isn’t it useful to gather in the community?


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