As facebook continues to evolve and put the user experience first, it will become more important than ever to utilize facebook’s paid advertising features to stay ahead. Whether you’ve been running facebook ads for years, or don’t even know where to begin, these three tips will help make the most out of your advertising dollar, and hopefully set you up to better achieve your business goals.

First – the facebook pixel
Facebook describes the facebook pixel as ‘a piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimize, and build audiences for your ad campaigns’. Once your pixel is placed, your website visitors will trigger cookies which will track those visitors as they interact with your website.

Here are a few ways you can harness the data collected by your facebook pixel tracking to improve your ad campaigns.

Conversion tracking: one of the most beneficial uses of the facebook pixel is detailed conversion tracking, especially across multiple devices. If someone sees your ad and then visits the site to complete a purchase, you’ll be able to see that sales attribution, even if they switched devices at some point in the process. As the pixel builds up and tracks more and more conversions, you’ll then be able to specifically run campaigns to strategically show to people more likely to convert based on previous actions.

Have you ever visited a website and looked at a product

Only to see that same product in an ad about one hour later on facebook? Dynamic remarketing allows you to custom-tailor your advertising based on your website visitor’s actions on site. You can use the pixel to track exact products visitors are how to buy bulk phone numbers viewing and serve them ads encouraging them to check out. If you have a business that doesn’t necessarily have products listed on the website, you can still use the pixel to run more strategic campaigns though custom-audiences. This may include serving ads to people who signed up for your newsletter, stayed on site for a certain amount of time, or have visited your site a certain amount of times in a given time frame.


Look-a-like audiences: not sure who to target with your facebook campaigns? The facebook pixel is also a great resource for brands looking to expand their current customer list. Look-a-like audiences take the likes, interests, and demographics of people who are already interacting with your website and finds people with similar traits to help expand your customer base.

Overall the facebook pixel will allow you to run effective

By improving the targeting of the people who see them and ensuring that the people seeing and visiting your website from your ads are those IG Users most likely to take action. Not sure how to set up your pixel, visit facebook’s business help center.

Second – facebook audience insights
Similar to the facebook pixel, facebook audience insights gives you information that will help you craft strategic messaging as well as find campaign targeting options. Audience insights gives you information about three groups of people: people connected to your page, people on facebook, and people in your custom audience (created with the facebook pixel).

This information helps you find things like:

Demographic overview: find the age, gender, education level, job titles, and relationship status of a specific group of people.