The Struggle to Build JMC IT Consultant is always committo providing the best service. This is evidenc by the readiness of JMC IT Consultants in handling client needs. And for the umpteenth time, JMC IT Consultant again had the opportunity to pay a visit to the Bappeda of Aru Islands Regency.

The agenda for this visit took the theme of the Phase

The Struggle to Build II Coordination Meeting. Even though there Paraguay Mobile Database were technical problems during the trip, the meeting was able to run smoothly. The event was held in the Bappeda Meeting Room of Aru. Islands Regency and was attend by Bappeda internal parties and several SKPD representatives of Aru Islands Regency.

In order to build Indonesia, all obstacles and obstacles will be fac. This trip had experienc problems in flight due to aircraft damage whose repair duration was unpredictable. On the other hand, currently there is only one aircraft operating flights to the Aru Islands.

Sea travel by boarding a cargo ship is also an alternative solution. This proves the enthusiasm and dedication of the JMC IT Consultant team to build the nation through technology to the eastern part of Indonesia, which, as is known, still lacks supporting facilities.

Even though they were stuck for several days waiting for ships to arrive

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aircraft that were still being repair, and flight schedule delays due to bad weather, in the end the JMC IT Consultant team was able to return to IG Users Jogjakarta safely. These ups and downs become an interesting story that accompanies the JMC IT Consultant’s struggle in helping the Aru Islands Bappeda to achieve development planning success.


We hope that JMC IT Consultant’s collaboration with the Bappeda of Aru Islands Regency will continue to run well. JMC IT Consultant will continue to try to assist Bappeda in carrying out development planning for the success of development in Indonesia. JMC IT Consultant believes that now is the time to build Indonesia through technology.