The contents publish Channels are not only seen by employees and aspiring candidates for the company’s job offers, but also by stakeholders . In B2B, the relationship with suppliers, external collaborators, commercial partners, customers is crucial and Employer Branding can become the lever that triggers a series of benefits: New contacts and partnership requests Strengthening or improving relationships with external companies Improv communication with partners Loyalty of collaborators and customers Renewal of contracts More sales LinkIn’s role in B2B

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The contents publish LinkIn is the ideal platform to convey the values ​​and vision of the B2B brand to stakeholders, potential future country email list   employees and those already working in the company. It is important to create a real itorial plan dicat to Employer Branding and involve employees in the work of disseminating content, so as to also reach new users target by the company’s business. The effects of this strategy are usually visible in the mium/long term, but it must be consider that a far-sight Employer Branding activity increases the ability to attract talent to the company and significantly ruce company turnover .

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The contents publish Pavanello Written by Riccardo Pavanello Project Manager and Social Sea Specialist. He bases his business on organizing communication projects for companies, especially when it comes to advertising through social networks. Statistics, numbers and audience targeting are the foundations of her work to bring hot leads to companies through the  IG Users Direct Marketing system. Facebook LinkIn Employer Branding: what it is and why every company should focus on it RICCARDO PAVANELLO – 31 MAY 2023 .