The 3rd Industrial Revolution ”: We have entered the era of sharing and collaborative communities The politics of bait or the art of attracting It’s up to you to define the range of bait that will arouse desire: white papers, infographics, premium invitations… and to create the desire to be called, adopt the 4 values ​​of desire: practice humor Create the plot Cause the unexpected Arouse seduction And here you are, your interlocutor… Become a lead in search of altruistic information! Brand content or the 7 ways of creativity Content is the heart of any inbound marketing strategy.

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Thanks to your positioning, you control your editorial line and the associated themes. Indeed, your editorial line results Belarus Email List directly from your brand identity… Don’t go all over the place and don’t write just anything for the pleasure of writing. Define your brand territory and deepen it with articles inspired by the very vocation of your firm. Consequence: you develop editorial consistency and assert your leadership. Even better: journalists will take your blog as a reference for their writings. Provided, of course, that you don’t do self-celebration. “Form is the bottom that rises to the surface. »Victor Hugo I suggest 7 creative ways to attract your prospect.

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The flawsome or the art of highlighting your flaws Intrigue or the art of encouraging further reading or hearing Immediate IG Users incomprehension or the art of arousing the desire to know more Impertinence or positive derision Webserie or moving reality TV The realist absurd or the contemporary art of questioning I would have liked to develop all these themes… Allow me to suggest that you find them in my book . More impertinence.From June 13 to 15, the first edition of IMF Academy was in full swing! On Thursday 14 afternoon, a workshop dedicated to Lead Generation Campaigns and Lead Nurturing took place . The various stakeholders are all users of marketing automation platforms like HubSpot.