All led by prestigious speakers: Rand Fishkin, founder of Sparktoro and formerly Moz is IMF19’s guest of honor joining us from the USA Alice and Lisa, members of the IMF organizing Winbound team, had the chance to meet Rand Fishkin in Boston and here is his exclusive message: Ilham Mekrami (AKKA Digital) will talk about the digital revolution Cecile Van Steenberge (Google) Romain LanĂ©ry (Youtubeur, TechNews&Tests) will profile the influencers Brian Bagdasarian (HubSpot) will speak on conversation and chatbots And a surprise guest at the end of the day.

The themes that interest us

We will also offer many workshops, workshops with practical cases and customer cases. The idea is that participants Anguilla Email List leave with ideas, keys to better understand what they could put in place in their business. There will also be a live FAQ where 8 experts will respond to the audience. In addition, two researchers on customer relations and loyalty programs will intervene. How did you build the program? During the 12 months preceding IMF, we closely follow the publication of books that address the themes that interest us, speeches, trends, conferences on existing events, etc.

We need workshops that are accessible

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We carry out real monitoring work to see if each subject has the potential to bring added value to those who follow IG Users them. Then, we articulate the conferences so that the themes addressed respond to trends and everyone’s questions. We wanted to make sure to meet the needs of the participants as much as possible. We are aimed at both beginners and experienced professionals, so we need workshops that are accessible for these two profiles. The program is dense, with varied subjects. To get tickets for Inbound Marketing France, go here! This article is from the Moderator’s Blog .