Until some time ago, the sales area was less complex than it is today. The figure of the sales executive took care of all the processes in a generic way. He was the one who did everything, from fundraising to post-sales, including customer service and closing. Increased competitiveness has begun to change this scenario. The executive began to look at these processes in more detail to make the most of each phase. Companies began to question what changes could be made specifically at each stage, such as acquisition , attraction and service. This change made it noticeable that it was not always necessary for the executive to work in all stages of the process, being possible to delegate functions to other people. Gradually, professionals specialized in each of them emerged, which made the sales process more and more precise.

Today selling is a science In this article,

You’ll understand why leaders and sales professionals should be trained, why work works better when it’s sectored and learn about the functions that can be performed by those who work in the area. Selling is a science and therefore requires training Anyone who has tried to sell a product or service to different people knows that this is not an easy task. To VP HR Email Lists make a sale, you need to know who the ideal customer is, find these people, get their contacts, approach them, convince them that what is being offered is the ideal solution and negotiate the sale. The process is long, made up of several stages — each with its own peculiarities and objections. It is part of the sales professional’s job to understand the prospect ‘s behavior in each of them. Thus, it is possible to be more persuasive in your communication.

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Anyone who believes that selling is just good

Communication and persuasion is wrong. The market is more competitive and those who do not qualify are left behind Nowadays, the sales professional who is not constantly updating himself can miss out on great opportunities. The first point is to understand consumer behavior . Digital transformation and the speed of information directly influence people’s EC Lists behavior, and this interferes with receptivity and questions asked when contacting a sales professional. The professional who is not up to date on these trends will be left out by the client. It is also important to remember that sales are based on techniques , and knowledge about each one of them is fundamental. He is the one who will help the professional to define the best approach in each case and, later, to put into practice the plans that were made in the beginning.