Learn what makes a Sales Development Representative so important in the sales process

Companies that want to increase productivity need to make the most of their salespeople . Therefore, it is essential to have the right professionals aligned with their functions, acting according to the needs of the business. In sales, it is common to find several roles within the sales process . There are the hunter, the farmer, the CS… and the SDR , which we are going to talk about in today’s article. This professional is in charge of being the “ pre-sales ” in the business. He is the one who will have the first contact with the lead and will be responsible for qualifying or warming him up. Therefore, he is a professional who must have excellent communication, persuasive power and analytical vision. In this article, we’re going to talk about the Sales Development Representative ( SDR) , the specialist in qualifying leads , and their importance for the sales team’s efforts to focus on those with the greatest purchasing potential. What is a Sales Development.

Representative The SDR Sales Development

Representative is the professional who works in pre-sales. He is responsible for making the first contact with the lead , making a diagnosis of his pain and interest and qualifying him. So Sales Reps get hotter prospects that are more likely to close . In this way, although the SDR is not exactly the person who closes the sale, he plays an important role in the VP Risk Email Lists commercial process. It educates the lead and identifies whether it agrees with the business’s buyer persona with the aim of warming it up for the Sales Rep, shortening the business’s sales cycle. What is the difference between SDR and BDR? Like the SDR, the BDR is a professional who works in the pre-sales area, which causes many people to confuse the two functions. But their performances are different.

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SDR as you already know works on qualifying leads

Marketing strategies . The BDR (Business Development Representative) will also work by educating and qualifying the lead , but he does this through an outbound approach , that is, actively going to the lead . While the SDR is given a list of leads to approach, the BDR needs to go after those prospects . Therefore, it is more common to find BDR in complex EC Lists sales and higher average ticket companies . Types of SDR: know the two modalities The SDR can act in different ways. This depends on the strategy that the company adopts and on some factors, such as average ticket , volume of leads and sales cycle. SDR can be low touch or high touch . SDR low touch The low touch SDR has a less complex function: it only has to qualify the leads and make the first contact. This professional is recommended for companies with a short sales cycle and a lower average ticket.

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