PPID Information Service  Jakarta, Kominfo – Information Management and Documentation Officer (PPID) at each institution has a role as a gateway for information services for people throughout the country. Even with the information present, it will be able to prevent the spread of hoaxes relatto government policies.

Director of Informatics Application Management of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Mariam Barata convey this at the Digital Literacy Dialogue and Public Information Openness which was held by the Central Information Commission (KIP) at the Ibis Budget Menteng Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (12/20/2018).

“With the rise of incorrect information or hoaxes

PPID Information Service  PPID also has an important role to be able Namibia Mobile Database to provide clarification of true and untrue news, because the community itself is often confus about checking any information circulating, this is a must for PPID to carry out various ways in carrying out its functions to fulfill people’s rights to obtain information,” said Barata.

The government also in this digital era supports a culture of innovation and a digital mindset. Apart from that, Mariam Barata also convey about the Kominfo program which seeks to continue socializing digital literacy to the public, this socialization is consider important so that they can sort and select information.

“Kominfo always prevents incorrect information by blocking it, as well as taking law enforcement action relatd to information and electronic transactions in collaboration with the police,” said Barata.

According to Mariam Barata, PPID actually has the potential and ability to maximize community fulfillment with technological developments, so it is necessary to take integrat and collaborative steps.

“PPID must involve various interests ranging from government institutions, communities, associations, industry players to academics so they can play an active role in the development of industry 4.0,” he said.

In addition, Barata also said that PPID’s human resources

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Prepare themselves, especially in the aspect of mastering and understanding technology which is the key to competitiveness in the industrial era 4.0.

“Several of the main technologies driving the development of industry 4.0 are the internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotic and sensor technology IG Users as well as big data technology which are programs from the Ministry of Communication and Information,” said Barata.

Barata continu, to support the increase in the capacity of human resources in this country is a challenge in itself, not only in terms of material content but also skills that support the process of public information disclosure in the midst of rampant hoax information.

The implementation of the Digital Literacy Dialogue and Public Information Disclosure activities by the Central Information Commission is attend by provincial Information Commissions or branches in several cities in Indonesia. Apart from KIP members, PPID representatives from the ministry were also present.