I’m going to be very honest with you (I was going to say frank, but I’m not cool at all): despite all your efforts to get a perfect landing page that converts almost 100% of your visitors, many will end up reading it with doubts inside. So you must offer them, to finish, at least one way to contact you to clarify doubts. Javier Elices, my great friend, said that in his experience it is better to concentrate all pre-sales support in a single point (so as not to get lost) such as your Facebook page . However, many issues are preferred anonymously and privately. Perhaps a link to your social media profile is not everyone’s cup of tea . In any case, ending the landing page with contact information or menus that allow you to navigate to other points with detailed information will be a success .

Final conclusions: do you add your elements?

Ains, I can’t take it anymore, I have to let it out. I’m going to make three confessions to you : I started this post on Wednesday morning and finished it Thursday night . But I’m still nervous. Tomorrow another test and in the meantime the other one doing his thing. But because of my cataplines I publish it. I started writing this post inspired by this post by Neil top industry data Patel from 2014 . Yes, it’s to kill me. But anyway, halfway through I got bored. I have left many elements unposted because, really, I would like (rathe. I would love) for you to complete the post with your own ideas. It’s very open! That said, there may .Be many more elements to incorporate in this selection , I won’t deny it but, in my opinion, a landing page with only these elements could look quite professional.

The call to action

The truth is that I have been hearing that the call to action should be.  Placed at the top, first of all, since I have hair. You know what I mean. It has always been said. This makes sense, because a person who already knows you or has discovered you through other means could feel sufficiently seduced by the header and IG Users subtitle to take the action you suggest . And yes, it must be a single action. Landing.  Pages with more than one action are doomed to failure . It must be only one. Whether it’s registering, purchasing, seeing more .Whatever your next step in the funnel is. But it must be a single action. And where do we place it. Well, in my opinion it should always be at the beginning. Next to the header and the subtitle, but also at the end. After the argument you have expressed to convince the person you are waiting for on the other side of the screen.