Can discover and share stories with their friends! Essentially messenger is adding stories to their platform. Another part of facebook’s rebuild of the messenger app is the lead generation templates, available through ads manager, to be able to use q&a to gather information on customers. Not only that but also, with the new messenger comes an appointment experience that makes it easier for the end user to book appointments with businesses through conversations.

And the final part of this what seems to be a massive

Overhaul, is the introduction of a native desktop app for messenger. All of these changes will be rolled out later in 2019.

Again, not too much privacy to be read about here. Instagram
Beginning the week of may 6th, users residential phone numbers will have the ability to, finally some would say, to shop directly from the creators they follow without having to leave the app. This means no more asking where they purchased that shirt from in the comments section but rather the user can tap the photo, see the product and purchase, all within minutes.

Another exciting feature that is actually for use as of earlier

This week is the ability to fundraise money for causes and charities through stories! The final change, of very few, coming to instagram this year, is the new camera that will offer a create mode.

Nope, no privacy mentioned here.

All in all, it seems like facebook is upping their user experience with some fascinating new features to their products. For the end user, this will IG Users most likely give a more personalized experience while using social media. However, with how much zuckerburg stressed privacy, I didn’t see much about it after his keynote. Then again, I was not physically at the conference. Let’s hope he sticks to this promise as he and his team are rolling out these new features. Especially those that are set to compete with amazon in an e-commerce space.