Google has made it easy for businesses to add, claim, and manage their profiles directly from Google Search and Maps. Additionally, you can manage your listing on the Google Business Profile website.

  1. Claim and verify your Business Profile directly from Google Search and Maps

    Need to claim your profile? Google supports lists instructions on how to claim your Google Business Profile. Afterwhich, you will want to verify it as soon as you can so you can start adding important details about your company.

    Here are some helpful tips to perfect your listing on Google search.

    List these necessary details you’ll need to fill in.

    • Name (of your business)
    • Address (this will show up on Google maps so you want to make sure it’s
  1. Communicate better with your customers via

  2. GBP helps keep your customers in phone number list the loop. Don’t forget to include special hours for holidays and other events so that they won’t be surprised if you’re closed.

    A post on Google Business Profile about Google’s update on Third-Party Cookies

    Update customers about what’s new, offers, and events via Posts; they’re great for local content. Utilize the “events” section of GBP posting for conferences and summits. Have special offers? Post them all in the “offers” section along with a call to action button to message you or go to your landing page. “What’s New” is useful for keeping a consistent feed, much like other Social Media Platforms. It keeps you on the top of their minds.

  3. Pressed for time yet want to post consistently everyday

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    As a business owner, it is important to pay attention to what your customers are saying about you online. Google allows clients to  share their experience with your service. By replying promptly IG Users to these reviews, not only do you show potential new customers that you are active on your Google Business Profile, but it can also help increase customer loyalty by resolving any issues or answering their questions before they have a chance to leave a negative review. Direct messaging on GBP is also possible but you have to enable it on your dashboard.