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As a Sales Professional, You’ve Probably Realized That Turning Prospects into Customers Is One of the Biggest Challenges. It’s at This Stage of the Funnel That You’re Likely to Lose the Most Deals — How Many Proposals Do You Need to Send, on Average, to Close a Sale? the Market Is Constantly Evolving and It Is Essential That You Are Prepared to Accompany It. Today, Consultative Sales Are a Big Trend and Are Already Seen as the Future of the Sector. Have You Mastered the Techniques, Tools and Methodologies Involved in This Type of Service? Dna De Vendas’ Consultative Sales Course Was Developed to Help Sales Professionals Increase Their Performance . to Learn More About It, Keep Reading This Article! What Is Consultative Selling and Why Is It the Future of Selling? Consultative Sales Were Born from the Union of Two Skills: Selling and Consulting .

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A Sales Professional and as a Consultant, Listening to the Customer and Understanding Their Difficulties in Order to Offer the Best Solution. the Idea Is That the Professional Gathers as Much Information as Possible About the Client’s Situation And, from There, Analyzes the Options for Products or Services. Thus, You Can Offer the One That Makes the  President Email Lists Most Sense to Solve the Lead ‘S Problems . the Main Difference Between This Approach and the Traditional One Is That,  Only Focused on Closing the Deal . What’s the Use of Selling a Product If It Won’t Solve the Pain of Those Who Bought It? in Consultative Selling, the Focus Is on Solving a Problem by Selling a Solution.

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Qualification in Sales Is Fundamental for Those

Who Want to Have Results to Succeed as a Consultative Sales Professional, You Need to Qualify. Dna’s Consultative Sales Course Is Perfect for This. There Are Many Techniques and Methodologies Involved in This Approach — After All, in Addition to Knowing How to Sell, the Professional Must Become a Good Consultant. Even Those Who Already Work in the Area Need to Update. New Trends, Tools and Consumer Behavior Emerge All the EC Lists Time, and Therefore, the Professional Who Wants to Be in Constant Evolution Cannot Fail to Seek More and More Knowledge. in Addition to Observing Behaviors, Exchanging Ideas with Other Professionals. In the Field and Their Own Experience, Sales Professionals Can Invest in Courses That Help Them Develop New Skills.

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