How To Forgive Others With this failure

It’s about our courage to stop being weak, wipe away the tears and get back into the ring of life to fight harder than ever.

One day we will feel how lucky we are.

We will realize how lucky we are to have failed like that.

We just have to wake up and continue living first.

Believe that every ups and downs and wounds teach a lesson, to become an experienced person, who is more mature about life.

Therefore do everything we can to make the afterlife feel real in our hearts

Read the Quran, pray to God, and continue Phone Number List to pray, until your heart bows to God.

And repeat this every day.

This is not something we do like collecting trophies.

Faith is something that always needs to be added from time to time, every day in our lives.

We must strive every day to keep the afterlife in our hearts.

Without this effort, no matter what short-term success we have achieved in avoiding sin, we will still fall back into it.

God will not burden us beyond what we can bear.

If you cannot stop this habit, then ask for forgiveness, read the Quran, and pray Tahajjud.

Allah does not judge a person except what he is capable of. He gets the reward of the good that he strives for, and he also bears the punishment of the evil that he strives for. ”

— Surah Al Baqarah, verse 286

This is a matter of the heart between us and God.

God is good and understanding, and He knows us better than we know ourselves

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He will see our sincerity and effort, and this is the IG Users most important thing.

It’s the same way we feel about people who bullied us in kindergarten or elementary school.

We have become more mature , we have grown up, and they no longer feel important to our lives, to our emotions.

In the same way, to forgive someone, one can go to another place, spend 5 years there and become a completely different person.

And after returning to the original place, he may find that they have been able to forgive the person even though he never thought about it at all.

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