How Marketers Are Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (ai) is going to be a part of everything that we do in the future. But did you know marketing platforms have already started integrating ai into its platforms? A lot of the announcements come without any hype, but they have the potential to change the way marketers work within the platform. We’re going to look at a few examples of how marketers are integrating artificial intelligence into their strategies and things to look out for. The first instance we’ll look at is automated bidding.

Ai is working to take the guesswork out of the decision

What price to bid on paid advertising. Google is calling this, smart bidding. If you choose to use smart bidding it’s important to monitor it closely, as it will start out bidding at a low amount. The trouble can come if it doesn’t learn fast enough, your ads could not show for a period of time.

Another thing to look out for when usa phone number list using smart bidding is the ai making optimizations of bids that are a detriment to the campaigns. If the ai decreases bids on ads, for an example, due to one creative size that isn’t performing well, it may take time for the ai to increase those bids as there isn’t enough new data available that tells it how the new change you made will affect the campaign.

This was an example of what we personally saw

That involved ai making bid adjustments that harmed the overall campaign but helped us understand where we needed to make changes. We saw IG Users the ai had decreased bids across a creative spec size. This gave us the opportunity to reach out to our client and provide recommendations to help improve the campaign’s performance.

Dynamic ads
Google ads’ dynamic search ads is another aspect of ai technology that they’re offering to its marketers.

Dynamic search ads automatically generate ads to better capture a searcher’s attention. After uploading a list of landing pages, google will scan for titles, and commonly used phrases across those landing pages. Google will then identify and use those titles and phrases to select a landing page and generate a headline relevant to the search for your ad.

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