Innovations in the digital marketing realm continue to advance at a rapid pace these days, providing marketers with new possibilities and tools to reach customers in more profound and memorable ways.

While AR and VR are not entirely new to marketing, these are getting better and better, with artificial intelligence (AI) now helping to enhance them even more.

Do you or your marketing team want to know how best to use virtual and augmented reality to attract and impress your audience?

We’ve provided you with information, tips, and examples to help you gear your strategy toward success and the future.

What are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

When it comes to choosing either VR or AR, it is essential to understand what they are and how they differ. While both alter Whatsapp Data reality, how they go about it uniquely differs.

With virtual reality, your audience enters into a generated, virtual environment of your choosing.

This environment can be realistic or entirely created and fantasy-like. The user immerses themselves in the new reality with the use of physical aids such as goggles, glasses, headphones, or speakers.

Augmented reality, on the other hand, creates an overlay of visual, sensory, or auditory elements for the customer’s real surroundings, changing that reality in some way.

It is not about transporting your audience to a new world. Instead, it enhances the one they are currently experiencing. Providing AR can be as simple as putting an app on a smartphone, so it’s more accessible.

With VR and AR, consumers no longer have to count on their imaginations or conjure up visual images in their minds. You are providing the vision for them.

To create a more personalized experience

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The use of VR or AR allows you to move beyond videos and create a more personalized experience.

An example of this is how the home furnisher IKEA uses AR to market its products.

IKEA provides its target audience with a virtual furniture storeroom, which helps to simplify decisions regarding home decorating and interior design.

Its IKEA Place app allows a customer to select a product in the catalog, point their IG Users smartphone at a specific area in their home, and see how the product would look in that location.