Having defined the public, the strategies

Must be aimed at it. From the target audience, the persona can be defined , establishing their behavior, profile, vision, characteristics and also their needs and expectations. Thus allowing architecting the consumer’s BUYING JOURNEY and mapping the contents and approaches. In summary, the strategy focuses on the target audience, but interacts with the persona. brand positioning Positioning is evident in content, campaigns, visual identity and other points of contact with consumers. This makes the brand’s image constantly come to people’s minds, conquering space and increasingly influencing purchase decisions. For this reason, having a well-defined positioning is so important, it is because of it that the brand will be remembered. But it is worth mentioning that this positioning should.

Reflect the true values ​​of the brand

And not something contrary to its actions. Definition of objectives Defining objectives is at the heart of marketing planning. It is important that the objectives are specific, time-bound and measurable. Thus they are more Greece Phone Number Data efficient for the strategy, realistic and able to be achieved. If it is perceived that the stipulated objective will not be achieved, it is possible to adapt. Be it the strategy, the action plan, the deadline… Modify to better adapt to the reality of the business. Strategy definition It is the establishment of the tactics that will be used to achieve the objectives. Based on all the analyzes carried out in the previous steps, action plans are defined. One can think of the marketing planning STRATEGY ALSO TAKING INTO ACCOUNT ACTIONS ON THE 4P’S OF MARKETING.

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As well as in general fronts

Capable of raising the level of the brand within the market and making it noticed. Timeline As strategies must have a DEADLINE to be fulfilled, a schedule must be created so that the plan is as clear as possible. Specific campaigns are indicated in the schedule and the other tasks are distributed as determined by the strategy. Thus, it is possible to visualize in the marketing EC Lists planning if the objectives are achievable and the deadlines for meeting goals. Having the site ranked on the first page of Google is one of the main desires of those who bet on digital marketing. A website is very important for the digital strategy of any professional or business. We can even compare the website to the heart of a business when we talk about digital marketing. Want to know why? Then continue reading with us.

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