Coordination of Spatial  As a country, spatial planning is an important aspect that needs to be considered by the Indonesian government, both by the central government and local governments. Spatial planning is a series of processes starting from planning, utilization and also controlling space. With spatial planning, a national area that is comfortable, safe, productive and in accordance with the views of the archipelago and national resilience is not impossible to realize.

In order to achieve the above objectives

The Department of Land and Spatial Planning Macedonia Mobile Database for the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) is serious about optimizing the Spatial Planning Information System (SIPR) as an aid in spatial planning. In 2018, the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Service carr out the SIPR development in collaboration with JMC IT Consultant. The result of the SIPR development will be a Spatial Planning Information and Communication System (SIKOPER) which is able to help improve the performance of the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office in optimizing public services.

Not long ago, JMC IT Consultant coordinat with the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office as a step towards creating 2 (two)-way communication in application development. The two directions here mean that both the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office and JMC IT Consultant can provide ideas or suggestions for optimizing SIKOPER. In this development, there are 2 (two) things that are prioritiz. The first goal is to increase transparency to the public as well as media for disseminating information to the public. Furthermore, it is hop that SIKOPER can become an electronic working medium to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance of the Regional Spatial Planning Coordination Team.

JMC IT Consultant hopes that coordination

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With the DIY Land and Spatial Planning Office can continue to be carri out as a step to optimize application development. Together with JMC IT IG Users Consultant, let’s build Indonesia through technology!

Socialization of e-Planning Application Development (SIPD) Lamandau
The movement towards 100 Smart Cities continues to be encourag by the government to accelerate regional potential and improve the quality of public services. To realize the success of the Smart City concept, it is nee.

Apart from being a reliable planning institution, BAPPEDA DIY must also carry out a credible control function so that the development plans that have been prepar can be reali.
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