Has it ever happened that you’re in the middle of the game, presenting the product to the lead , he seems very interested but, all of a sudden, the sale doesn’t happen? In this case, there are two types of professionals: those who say that the lead was not interested and therefore did not close the sale, and those who know that they can improve their sales techniques so as not to lose more opportunities. The use of mental triggers is a way to encourage clients to make a decision or act in a certain way. This is a technique often used in sales, mainly through closing phrases . The objective is to induce the interlocutor to provide strategic information or close the deal. In this article, you will learn about the best closing phrases and understand the secrets behind each one of them to achieve better results in your sales .

Mental triggers in closing sentences

Mental triggers are stimuli with the aim of influencing people in decision making. The choice of words at the appropriate moment causes sensations in the client, causing him to adopt predetermined behaviors. Triggers are used a lot at different stages of the sales process , but closing is when they are most important. Know some mental triggers: scarcity: aims to show that the product is running out or that there are only a few vacancies for the VP Audit Email Lists service. The intention is to get the person to close the sale immediately. Example: “We only have two vacancies for this service”. urgency: this is when the sales professional offers a special condition, but for a limited time. Here, the intention is also to close the sale as soon as possible. Example: “I can only hold this promotional value until today.


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Have or experience something Example

We are launching a new service that can contribute a lot with your situation”. Top 10 sales closing phrases The use of mental triggers has a direct impact on the decision-making power of leads , significantly increasing the chances of closing. Taking into account that at this stage the prospect is already educated enough, understanding EC Lists his need and the pros and cons of the product or service offered, the next step is to set up a closing conversation. Many professionals are anxious about this moment, after all, that’s where you’ll know if all your efforts will be rewarded. Of course, the customer ‘s response doesn’t just depend on a phrase said by the sales professional, but knowing some closing phrases can make you more confident and give the little push that was missing for a successful deal. Check out, below.