Yes, blogs are content, but so are social posts, website copy, imagery, podcast, and videos. Anything people consume about you or your brand, products, and services is content. You don’t have to generate dozens and dozens of blogs to drive traffic. Look at all your assets as generated content you can use to drive traffic.

Tip: currently, video is the king of content. Consumers are viewing more videos online than ever before. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to create blogs, but also look for ways to bring more video to your content strategy.

Content creation is one and done

Generating high-quality, well-researched content is time-consuming. It may feel like you spend hours creating your blog for a few days or weeks of engagement. But the reality is your blog can give you returns for years to come.

We looked at our web traffic and found us phone number list that 55% of our total pageviews come from blog posts and nearly half (47%) of total page views came from blogs not written in the current calendar year. People are looking for information that is relevant and that doesn’t always mean brand new. Focus on quality and you’ll get the quantity you want.

Tip: focus your time and resources on creating evergreen content. This is content that is always relevant and doesn’t become old or dated, like case studies and success stories. Anything that contains stats or revolves around a season or trend can become outdated quickly.

I don’t have enough time staff or budget for content marketing

Maybe not. Instead, look for ways to repurpose content you have already created. Can you break up blogs into shorter, “bite-sized” chunks IG Users to freshen them up? Is there one key point you can pull out to focus on? How many social posts can you write just from your website content?

If you have a great video, are there ways to cut it down into three or four shorter videos? You’ll be surprised at how much you can repurpose of the content you have already generated.