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Become a Champion  JMC IT Consultant is a creative industry engag in information technology in Indonesia. Establish at the end of 2008 in the city of Yogyakarta, a city that has been nam the city of education and the nation’s cultural center. A city that has spawn countless figures and innovations.

JMC IT Consultant has a vision of “Building Indonesia Through Technology” and a mission of “Building an effective and easy-to-use e-Government system to help support the realization of an effective, transparent and accountable government”.

From this vision and mission, JMC IT Consultant

Only have ready-made application Luxembourg Mobile Database products, but JMC IT Consultant also provides consulting services where we are ready to design new applications and new technologies that can help government institutions.

It was from here that JMC IT Consultants were given Become a Champion  the opportunity to assist government agencies (Bappeda DIY Province & ACEH Province) in helping to develop a new Information System for planning (e-Planning (SIPD)) at Bappeda.

The e-Planning application (SIPD) has successfully assist Bappeda DIY Province & ACEH Province to become pangripta champions. From the e-Planning application (SIPD) us by the DIY Province, it won 1st place in Pangripta Utama and ACEH Province won 2nd place in Pangripta Pratama in 2014-2015.


Pangripta is an award from Bappenas as a form of appreciation

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Regions that have prepar regional planning well. With the existence of the e-Planning tool (SIPD). Bappeda DIY Province & ACEH Province can maximize their duties and be able to provide very informative analysis for stakeholders. So that they become Pangripta champions from BAPPENAS.

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