JMC IT Consultant Planning (SIPD) is an application that functions to assist Regional Governments in this case through the Regency/City and Provincial Regional Development Planning Agency in managing regional development planning data so that it can be resolv easily, quickly, precisely and in accordance with applicable regulations. JMC IT Consultant’s E-Planning (SIPD) as a leading application in regional development planning has help Aru Islands Regency carry out the planning process since 2015. Until this year, JMC IT Consultant is still collaborating with Aru Islands Regency in developing the AruPlan application.

Not long ago, the AruPlan application training

The Aru Islands Regency Government in Panama Mobile Database collaboration with JMC IT Consultants. The event which took place in the Meeting Room of the Aru Islands Regency Planning, Research and Development Agency (Bapelitbang) was attend by all Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) in the Aru Islands Regency Government and also representatives from the Aru Islands Regency Bapelitbang as the main manager of the application. In the development this time.

There are several things that make the application attractive so that it further motivates and makes it easier for users to operate the AruPlan application. With the development of the application, the local government of Aru Islands Regency hopes to be able to maximize development planning so that decision making becomes better.

The training agenda aims to provide an explanation regarding all the modules in the Aruplan application and also train and assist OPD in inputting data into the application. In addition to assistance for OPD, during the event, the team from JMC IT Consultant also proviexplanations and training for the application’s main management team, in this case Bappelitbang, Aru Islands Regency, especially for modules that had been successfully develo.

JMC IT Consultant hopes that the AruPlan application

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Aru Islands Regency can continue to be develop to assist the regional development planning process. By utilizing technology, performance productivity IG Users can be increas and work results can be more optimal. JMC IT Consultant believes, now is the time to build Indonesia through technology!

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