Have you ever heard the expression “first impressions last”? Approaching the lead by phone means, most of the time, making the first contact with that potential customer; therefore, this moment is crucial to define the next steps of the process. For this, the most important thing at this moment is to pay attention to two points: keeping the lead interested in the call and extracting the right information for that stage of the sale. This way, your company is aware of the needs of the lead , making it easier to sell your service. However, it is necessary that the sales professional responsible for this (in general, the SDR) master some essential sales techniques for this conversion to happen. Want to know what they are? In this article, we brought some tips on how to approach a customer over the phone and be successful in the call.

Sales Script Why Have One and How to

Adapt It to the Phone Approach To get the caller’s attention at the beginning of the call and hold it for a few minutes, it’s important to follow a few steps. The sales script is the document that brings together this step by step, bringing the main points that must be addressed during General Manager Email List the call, arguments to be used in cases of objection, etc. A good phone approach script should have: pitch questions to ask the lead arguments for possible objections guidelines that must be given to the lead regarding the next steps of the negotiation It is important to remember that the script serves as a guide for the professional to approach a client to sell , but it should not stifle the approach. It is necessary to be flexible enough to deviate from the script when necessary – after all, we are dealing with people.

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Before calling pay attention to these details

Before approaching a customer over the telephone , it is essential to be aware of the precautions required for telephone contact. It is important to note that speech alone is not enough to win over a customer over the phone , as some factors can influence the call , for example, the tone of voice. Knowing a few best practices will help you approach a customer over the phone EC Lists efficiently. have good posture Even if the lead isn’t watching you, it’s important  to maintain good posture while talking to them. The way someone physically positions themselves can directly interfere with their tone of voice. When a person is sitting very relaxed, it is common for their voice to sound sleepy .