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Currently, application development services are need by all groups. From small businesses to the top, everyone needs their role. Because they have to keep up with technological developments that can be access mobile. So their business increases. However, awareness of the presence of a website alone is not enough to be us as a marketing strategy.

You can see examples from several small businesses that can be found in everyday life today. Both from beauty salons, pulses, coffee shops, and others, all of them have their own applications. Having their own application makes their business look superior to those who still use manual methods. Some may ask why you neto have your own online store even though there is already a marketplace out there. There are a myriad of benefits that you can experience when you have your own online store, namely:

Bigger profit margins. By having an online store

You can determine profits per product Malta Mobile Database item and there are no admin/commission fees to be given to third parties. You also don’t have to spend on advertising to promote one of your newest or best-selling products.
You are in full control because you determine what the online store looks like, from the color, appearance, to the promotions given.
Easier in retargeting. By having an online store, you have data on consumers who visit and buy your products. From these data you can retarget consumers to make purchases.
Freedom in doing branding. You can provide a unique shopping experience to consumers, so that the level of consumer interest can be much greater.
Don’t rely on third parties. By having an online store you can focus on your business operations. Imagine that your product sales are selling well, but suddenly the marketplace closes its business.
Targeting the global market. The development of the internet allows you to reach anyone around the world. The products you offer are no exception. If you build an online store that operates well, the opportunity to target the global market is very wide open.

Many orders are not a problem

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If you use a marketplace, there is a possibility that at the beginning of owning a store there will be a limit to the number of orders, because you are still new. In contrast to your own online store, if you have a lot of orders from the start, you can process them right away.
With the benefits as above, the next question is to IG Users find an application development service that can accommodate your business needs. To choose an application development service provider, you can check it from the services provid, the costs incurr, the timeline for processing, after sales after making the application, to the portfolio of applications that have been work on.

One of the application development service providers is JMC IT Consultant. They like to work with various sectors including the growing MSME industry in Indonesia. JMC has a mobile application development service that can be u to maximize your business and business services.

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