There is no “ good ” or “ bad ” self-esteem, as this would be pigeonholing into two groups regarding how people should perceive themselves , one of them being the “ wrong .” “the way we perceive ourselves does not fall on labels, but on characteristics and qualities to be rescu regarding what distinguishes us in terms of our learning, circumstances, environment and values,” add the psychotherapist. On the other hand, at times we have those “ slumps ” or “ falls ” in our daily lives; however, it is possible to “ transform ” our self-esteem for those moments.

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Therefore, we present a series of phrases that can help you in this . Svg e self-esteem motivational phrases next, we will give you a list of phrases to raise self-esteem : “failure is not always a mistake, it can simply be the best thing that could have business database been done in those circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.” phrase coin by the psychologist and father of operant behaviorism, bf skinner , it refers to not stopping or getting cloud because something went wrong; because it can be due to many factors or things that are out of our hands.

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Throwing in the towel becomes a bigger mistake when we have the perspective that we can try it again. Let’s not give up, because we can learn from our failures and have better tools to ensure IG Users success in the future. “ The seasons of the year remind us that changes are good for us ” In some cases, starting new changes in life is a complicat and tious process at first, but keep in mind that everything is temporary . There are gray and sunny days.