The data will be process for marketing purposes through automat and traditional contact methods (all as specifi in the information) any examples? Depending on whether it is breakfast. Lunch or snack time. We can program the displays and plan ad hoc messages consistent with specific moments of the day. Naturally contextualiz with respect to seasonality. But the opposite is also true: for example. If the weather conditions overturn the average temperature of a spring day. Transforming it into a cold and rainy day. Instead of ic tea we can promote a hot chocolate. Changing the menu with out-of-season foods was unthinkable before the introduction of the displays. Another advantage of the solution is that thanks to the fact that the images are clear from afar. In the evening. With the sun and in any other light condition. 

We can now also communicate outside the

we notice that people. Despite remaining outside. They stop to observe. And if they don’t come in today. Maybe they will tomorrow. All these elements lead us to think that we will work more and more with photos and videos. Which will become country email list prominant over texts. What other opportunities have open up for your department and how do displays fit into your long-term strategy? First of all. We internaliz communication management. Previously it was in the hands of our agency. But now. By skipping a step. We are able to have the flexibility we ne to be timely in formulating offers. So we always have the situation under control. We are a coffee shop chain that will soon become national and .

I hope also international in scope

For this we ne fast. Standard and replicable platforms. Structures that allow us to respond in a timely manner to environmental stimuli and that are ready. If necessary. For integration with automatic campaign planning tools. The next step is that of interactivity. Furthermore. We plan to implement IG Users environments that allow customers – mainly workers on break from the office. University students and very young people – to interact with the venue and with the displays through their smartphone. Up to this point we have delegat 90% of communication to new screens for the launch of new products. It has become the main channel. But this does not mean that we will also use other tools. The choice to supply the hardware and content management software fell on samsung. Why? Having to choose a .