Focus on skills you want to learn

What if instead of talking so much about intangible happiness and dream lives in times to come, we Focus on focused on the specific things that we can change from day to day? Maybe we should NOT consider for 2008 being happy and eating partridges with our partner, becoming athletes overnight in designer gyms, or finding the job of our life even though what we like is not usually at work. .

Want to change your professional career. You will have seen that during these two years we have talked a lot about job search . In 2009 we will continue doing so with more practical cases and more contextualized and concrete recommendations. I think the situation requires it.

My alternative proposals to this nonsense

Of sublime purposes are clear: observe what you like to do with your boyfriend and do it more frequently; Put on your sneakers and sports clothes and take a quick daily walk around your house, I don’t know, for 5 minutes, then 10 minutes company data and so on, slowly, don’t get tired, and listening to the music you like. About running, we’ll talk about it. And analyze which parts of your work tasks you find most interesting and focus on them, develop them.

Yes I know Focus on

This type of advice and purposes do not have the glamor of existential change. How are you going to present these simple things as your great challenges of 2008?Furthermore, even if you are able to follow these housekeeping recommendations. You will have to accept that much of your life will remain the same for a long time. And some things that go wrong IG Users will continue to go wrong. Surely you think that at the pace I propose it will take you a long time to be better. To have a better life, to become another better person. I can only tell you, impatient friend, not to spend so much time trying to be who you are not, and a little more to enjoy who you are now. And we’ll see later. I’m going to buy the tracksuit.

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