Twitter KEY, I have tools to detect unfollows or who doesn’t follow me on Twitter and I know how to use them! Many of those who regularly read this blog know that I am not a fan of those users who use bad strategies that only seek to accumulate followers on Twitter in any way (or pile up stickers in their album). perhaps to appear more important or to pretend to be gurus. of the social. World before the rest of Twitter users. Why do they follow you and then unfollow you on Twitter? There are several reasons why a follow can be followed shortly by an unfollow.

Unfollow Today

I could highlight email leads three of them: Someone follows you and soon discovers that your account is not interesting (or that for some reason they don’t like it) and naturally leaves. twitter KEY Having an account with tens of thousands of followers gives you an ego 2.0 boost. For this reason. There are those who follow you and if you do not return that follow shortly after. They will stop following you  unfollow  . There is also a deep-rooted idea that if more people follow you than you follow you have more followers than people you follow.

Friend or Follow

Twitter username IG Users will be seen as that of an influencer . Even if you don’t believe it.  This makes many people follow you in search of you to follow them too and when they achieve their goal. They become unfollowed. All of these practices are a little strange.  But totally real and very common today. » You may be interested in seeing: How to differentiate yourself from the competition on Twitter in Spanish? How do I know why people you follow. o doesn’t follow me on Instagram? How to download videos from Twitter Online.